We all deserve to live a good life!


I have a special connection with nutrition and healthy lifestyle since my childhood. I was a chunky child, with a low self-esteem, with inferiority feelings, shame of others and lack of self-confidence.  I wished to lose weight to feel better about myself, to be loved, accepted and appreciated by others.

Back then, especially in a small town where I spent all my childhood, I did not have information about healthy nourishment, and everything we knew about diets and ways of slimming was: you need to starve in order to lose weight, to eat potatoes instead of bread and to eat a lot of fruits. I can’t live without eating so my only option was the second one that is why I ate potatoes and a lot of fruits, without any restrictions or limits. Of course, this ”diet” led to an only result which was a continuous fattened.

To top it off, 10 years ago, I had a weight gain of 10 kg in approximately 2 months without a reason.  I panicked and I was consistently wondering what will happen if I continue like this, will I have 100 kg? At that time I was a doctor already, here in Cluj, and nutrition was a fashionable subject to approach. I started searching, studying specialized books, information on Google, and my preparation as a doctor helped me understand and select the information better and more efficiently. Thereby I could create a”strategy” for myself, accessible, simple to implement and one that I could embrace easily, succeeding to lose 15 kg without starving. The good news is, even though I am getting older, those kilograms are not following me.

Fighting with kilograms, I asked myself a question: Which is the real reason why I want to lose weight? Do I really need to struggle with my proportions? Why is it so important to have for example, 10 centimeters less?

I hardly found the answer: In time, I learned giving up saying ” I have to be skinny to be accepted” and instead, follow the statement ” I owe to myself to be thinner, look better, feel  comfortable in my skin”. I deserve not to take this burden of extra kilograms wherever I go.  This idea made me feel stronger so from that moment, the diet turned into a reward. Something that I was doing for myself! Every time I gave up chips, for example, and going for a healthier option, it did not feel like I was missing something important but like a gratification. This lead to the motto that I am following every day of my life: “I deserve to leave beautifully, eat healthy and respect my organism!”

For further address, I followed the Master in Nutrition and Dietetics, as part of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Cluj-Napoca and I also completed a course in Dietetic technician. My biggest desire is to share my knowledge and believes, to give a piece of advice to anyone who wants to leave a beautiful, healthy and fulfilled life!

That is why I welcome you to know each other, talk, to enrich ourselves through our knowledge and experiences!


Dr. Enikő Kovács